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As Seen on QVC... The ShotRock!
It's not just a Shot Rock anymore...it's the next Culinary sensation...Culinary Cuisine Cups allow you to become the Single serving Gourmet! All it takes is you, a freezer, and Culinary Cuisine Cups to make hundreds of culinary delights in a matter of minutes. Makes a great Gift!

As Seen on National TV!

Get Ready to 'Rock' Your Next Party!

The ShotRock set comes complete with
the freezer tray, four molds and a serving tray 
to make as many ShotRocks as you want!

What is a ShotRock?
A ShotRock is a shot glass made out of ice! Imagine lifting a solid block of ice to your lips and drinking a freezing cold shooter...so cold and so good! ShotRocks are the best way to drink Jagermeister, Goldschlager, Aftershock, Southern Comfort, Cuervo, and more. Any shooter which should be served cold, tastes better and goes down faster when served in a ShotRock!


How Do I Make ShotRocks?
ShotRocks are made with the ShotRock set (patent pending). This allows you to make four ShotRocks at a time and can be used over and over to make as many ShotRocks as you want!

How Do I Get ShotRocks?
The ShotRock set is $18.95 plus $6.00 priority shipping and handling. To get yours to via priority mail, email us at orders@shotrock.com or pay using PayPal below.

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