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How to Make ShotRocks!

The ShotRock (patent pending) has been designed to make really cool shot glasses out of pure ice. To make your ShotRocks:

1. Snap the molds into the freezer tray by securely rolling them into position with the palm of your hand.
2. Fill each mold up to the top with water or fruit juice.
3. Put your ShotRock in the freezer. (Allow at least four to six hours to freeze.)
4. After freezing, allow the tray and ShotRocks to sit at room temperature for ten minutes. This allows the ShotRocks to release from the mold.
5. To release the ShotRocks, hold the mold and “peel” the freezing tray away.
6. Push the ShotRocks out of the bottom of the molds.
7. If you are not ready to drink your shooters, you can store the ShotRocks in the serving tray in the freezer.
8. If your ShotRocks were stored in the freezer, gently rock them before pouring your shooter to make sure they are not stuck to the side of the tray.
9. Pour your favorite pre-chilled shooter into the ShotRocks and...

10. Get Your Rocks Off!

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